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Webinar: The Use of Water Immersion for Recovery

First, it is important to define “recovery” for this webinar’s purposes. According to Nick, recovery equals performance recovery, not joint recovery which is focused on optimizing the individuals’ response to exercise. Many experts will state that 90% of recovery comes from:

  • Nutrition
  • Rehydration
  • Sleep

That leaves only 10% of recovery up to other modalities, such as water immersion. Nick describes the different types of water immersion as:

  • Thermoneutral
  • Contrast
  • Cold water
  • Warm water

There are a few key properties of water immersion which determine the effect it has on an athlete. Specifically, Nick focused on the following two:

  1. Hydrostatic pressure is possibly the most important mechanism that affects recovery because it:
    • Displaces fluid
    • Decreases edema
    • Increases cardiac output, without an increase in metabolic demand
    • Reduces peripheral resistance
    • Reduces perception of fatigue
    • Possibly increases blood flow
  2. Temperature is another key factor with different effects from cool and warm temperatures.
    1. Cooler temperatures:
      • Decrease heart rate (stays in central location) and cardiac output
      • Increase arterial blood pressure and peripheral resistance
      • Increase in oxygen consumption and metabolism
      • Reduce inflammation and pain
    2. Warmer temps:
      • Increase heart rate
      • Reduce cardiac filling time and stroke volume
      • Increase blood flow
      • Possibly increase inflammation

Some additional research that Nick provided stated that cold water immersion was more effective than whole body cryotherapy in accelerating recovery kinetics for counter movement jump performance. Additionally, athletes using cold water immersion demonstrated lower soreness and higher perceived recovery in 24-48 hours post exercise compared to cryotherapy. Whole body cryotherapy has a negative impact on muscle function, perceptions of soreness and number of blood numbers. The main difference between the two being that water immersion provides hydrostatic pressure.

There are many variables that make it difficult to determine positive effects of water immersion, and finding research about it is difficult. This is partially because of the many variables included under the term “water immersion,” and also what is being assessed as a part of “recovery.” Nick proposes the true goals of recovery are:

  • Long-term athlete development
  • Relatively immediate athlete performance
Click here for webinar recording from HydroWorx©.

Ottawa Location – NOW OPEN!

Hydrathletics is proud to announce the opening of our brand new facility located in Stittsville, ON to provide the community with advanced aquatic therapy, physiotherapy and massage therapy, as of March 14th, 2016.


Hydrathletics is an aquatic therapy facility with locations in both Kingston, ON and now Stittsville, ON. As the first company to provide public use of HydroWorx® pools in Canada, our facilities are geared towards rehabilitation, sport performance and general fitness. Customized rehabilitation programs are offered for pre and post-surgical patients, people with any severity of orthopaedic injuries, athletic injuries, arthritis, and/or movement dysfunction. Hydrathletics also provides treatment for motor vehicle accident victims, as well as Veteran’s Affairs.

Aquatic therapy is emerging as the choice treatment for people with varying injuries and health issues, as well as professional athletes. Hydrathletics utilizes advanced HydroWorx® pool technology, including underwater treadmill, to help clients regain and maintain mobility, strength and function. Aquatic therapy allows clients to perform exercises in a low-impact environment, which helps to normalize movement and therefore, reduce pain and dysfunction. The pools allow for earlier rehab commencement, faster recovery, and most importantly, effective and enjoyable therapy.

We are excited to have the opportunity to serve the people of Ottawa and surrounding areas.

For more information about Hydrathletics, please visit www.hydrathletics.ca. To book an appointment or to ask questions, call 613-836-6383 or email Shawna Emmott at semmott@hydrathletics.ca.

Owner Joe Stilwell Awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Thursday, November 5th, 2015 the Kingston Chamber of Commerce held its annual Business Achievement Awards where local businesses and business people are recognized for their contribution to the Kingston community. The nominees are judged on their business acumen, community involvement and charitable work.

We are proud to share that Hydrathletics Inc. owner and founder Joe Stilwell was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. He was both humbled and honoured to receive such a prestigious award. His fellow award recipients were:

  • Sustainability Award (sponsored by Union Gas Ltd): St. Lawrence College – Footprint
  • Tourism/Hospitality Award (sponsored by Tourism Kingston, a division of KEDCO): The Haunted Walk Kingston
  • New Business of the Year (sponsored by Wilkinson & Company LLP): Coffee Trends
  • Small Business of the Year (sponsored by OLG): Response I.T.
  • Medium Business of the Year (sponsored by Investors Group Financial Services Inc.): Landmark Cinemas
  • Large Business of the Year (sponsored by TVCOGECO): Costco
  • Business Person of the Year (sponsored by Four Points by Sheraton): Bonnie Golomb, Editor Profile Kingston, CEO Pita Pit.
  • Chair’s Award (sponsored by Empire Life): Dean Byrnes, Eikon Device Inc.

Thank you to the Chamber and everyone who supported Joe! We look forward to being a part of the 2016 awards ceremony.

What Can Hydrathletics Do For You?

Hydrathletics offers an incredibly unique form of athletic therapy and training for residents of the Kingston area with our underwater treadmill. In addition, we also offer massage therapy, yoga therapy, and other land-based options. Watch the video below to find out more!

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