Need Help? Why Our Integrated Approach is the Answer

When you’re hurting in any way, you just want to feel better as quickly and easily as possible. 

The challenge is that you’re probably not a doctor, or a physiotherapist, or even someone who’s been injured before. Somehow, that doesn’t matter and you’re expected to determine what treatments and therapies you need to heal and/or source out the best providers in your area. 

Some clinics try to help and bring all of this together. They advertise an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approach. While that’s a start, too often that still means they simply offer a number of services within one building. Each of the professionals you may see is working independently. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. And your left hand (or hip, or knee) is still hurting.

Hydrathletics works differently. We take an integrated approach to your care. That means our professionals put their brains (and notes) together. We collaborate so that you have the benefit of multiple expert practitioners working together to come up with the right treatment plan for you. At Hydrathletics, we relieve you of the role of having to guess what you need and who you need to talk to.

Our Integrated Approach

So, if you come in with shoulder pain, your athletic therapist or physiotherapist will assess you and create a treatment plan that includes a custom combination of the best possible therapies. Then they can talk to our massage therapists and aquatic therapists, and check your clinical notes to see how you’re coming along. The kinesiologist can weigh in. Each of our expert practitioners can provide target recommendations for your recovery.

But you might want to know exactly what kinds of experts are on our staff team and how they work together to help clients get better faster.

On our staff, we have:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Kinesiologists
  • Athletic Therapists, and, 
  • Massage Therapists 

Many of our staff team have additional specialized training in different disciplines, such as:

  • Aquatic therapy 
  • Concussion rehab
  • Fascial stretch
  • Return to sport & conditioning

Who Works Here & Who You May Work With

Each of these kinds of therapists brings something quite distinct to the mix in caring for our clients, but we know that for most people the differences aren’t as clear. We thought you might like to know a bit about each of the different roles of our professionals. (It’s also fun to know for Zoom trivia nights…):

  • Physiotherapists – Physiotherapists study the science of movement. They treat patients to restore, maintain and improve a client’s mobility, function and fitness. They work with you as a partner in your recovery.
  • Kinesiologists – Kinesiologists focus on treatment and preventative healthcare, applying sciences such as anatomy, physiology, nutrition, biomechanics and more to help clients enjoy optimal health and well being.  
  • Athletic Therapists – Athletic therapists work with clients in sport-specific contexts to treat injuries to muscles, bones and joints, and to help clients with rehabilitation that will help them return to sport.
  • Registered Massage Therapists – A massage therapist uses touch to manipulate soft tissues to relieve pain, rehabilitate injuries, reduce stress and increase relaxation.
  • Aquatic Therapists – Aquatic therapists are physiotherapists or athletic trainers who have additional training to offer physical therapy in the therapeutically supportive, low-impact setting of a pool.

When you first come to our clinic, you will likely first meet with a physiotherapist or an athletic trainer to diagnose and design your treatment plan, and then you will often be transferred to a kinesiologist who will bring that plan to life. From there, you will typically see multiple different therapists as needed.

All of this means that you will gain the benefits of the points of view and training of all our professionals and their respective expertise. It means you will be offered different ways of understanding your needs, and you will be able to have fresh recommendations if you feel something isn’t suited to you.

But don’t worry: the right hand will always know what the left hand is doing. At Hydrathletics all our notes are integrated and kept digitally in a secure format so that all of our professionals are able to work from the most up to date information. That means it isn’t up to you to have to explain or repeat or summarize what happened in past appointments or explain again the story of an injury. Instead, you can move quickly toward better health.

Experience you can trust.

Aquatic therapy is emerging as the choice treatment for people with varying injuries and health issues. The Hydrathletics multi-disciplinary methodology ensures that clients are receiving therapy that accelerates recovery. Hydrathletics customizes aquatic, massage and land-based therapy to clients’ particular needs. The specifically designed programs have produced impressive health-benefiting results.