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Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial is the unsung hero of the body, weaving its way through every bone, muscle, nerve, joint, vein, and organ. It literally holds us together. If we think of fascia like a snug sweater, it is one continuous, complete structure that extends from head to toe. Each body part is stitched together like yarn. Healthy fascia is able to stretch, flex, and move without restriction. But when
we experience physical or emotional trauma, scarring, or inflammation, this essential connective tissue loses pliability. In these cases, fascial stretch therapy can help you restore function, improve mobility, eliminate pain, and feel much better as you move through life.

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

Fascial stretch therapy is a non-invasive, effective therapeutic technique that consists of table-based, assisted stretching. Fascial stretch therapy improves blood flow, decompresses joints, improves range of motion and even posture, increases flexibility, and reduces/eliminates pain.

While you are an active participant – our experts guide your stretching, helping you resist pressure and aid the physical manipulation of your joints and muscles – fascial stretch therapy is gentle and non-painful.

Would You Benefit from Fascial Stretch Therapy?

Fascial stretch therapy is beneficial for those who are active, engage in athletic training, suffer from chronic back pain or are rehabbing from an injury.

Hydrathletics often uses fascial stretch therapy to:

● Reduce or delay the need for joint replacement surgeries
● Address non-specific lower back pain
● Relieve hip and shoulder impingement
● Address degenerative disc disease
● Aid recovery from impact injuries, such as motor vehicle accidents, nervous and circulatory system conditions, and much more

Our Approach

Our experts are duly trained in fascial stretch therapy techniques and best practices. Through slow and gentle traction, we stretch the fascia and provide decompression of connective tissues and joints. This will vastly improve mobility, fluid circulation, and restore functionality and diminished abilities.

Fascial stretch therapy can relieve pain and help you live your best, most active life.

Available now at our Kingston location only. Contact us today to see how this gentle healing technique can work for you.