Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor vehicle accidents can be traumatic experiences, and we are dedicated to your recovery and wellbeing.


What Can I Expect?

Automobile accidents can lead to acute or chronic pain. Our therapists provide a thorough assessment of your injuries to create effective treatment plans individualized to your case. Each patient may benefit from specific treatments,

and our assessment will determine the right combination of physical therapy, aquatic therapy, and massage therapy to best treat your specific situation.

Medical treatment following such accidents can be complex, which is why our therapists and staff are experienced in applying for insurance coverage and processing the necessary paperwork on behalf of the patient. To further aid our patients, each Hydrathletics clinic is registered through Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI) to provide direct billing with motor vehicle insurance claims.

We’re here to insure that you make strides toward an increased quality of life.

Why Aquatic Therapy?

Our aquatic therapy services provide an environment for controlled rehabilitation that occurs entirely under water. This means that patients enjoy the same results as land-based training in a low-impact setting that’s easy on the body.

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