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Hydrathletics is proud to offer physical therapy and rehabilitation services to active duty and retired military personnel.

How does it work?

Military service is demanding on the human body, and often, service members sustain physical injuries while in the line of duty. And with more than 650,000 veterans living in Canada, the demand for helping them has never been higher.

Our goal is to support these veterans with our physical therapy, aquatic therapy, and massage therapy services. Each program is designed to improve each veteran’s unique symptoms while addressing the complex physiological issues inherent to military injuries.


What about insurance?

Our approach involves working with Veterans Affairs Canada and case managers, when needed, to determine what type of coverage is available for each veteran. At the first appointment, a thorough assessment of each patient’s injuries is completed, and our therapists use their findings to create treatment plans individualized to each veteran’s needs. In our experience, veterans see the best results from a combination of treatment modalities. Many veterans benefit from increased mobility, reduced chronic pain, and better quality of life overall.


What can I expect?

After evaluation and the initial round of therapy, we regularly assess each patient’s progress and determine whether additional sessions are needed. If so, we prepare the necessary paperwork on the patient’s behalf and apply for treatment extensions through Veterans Affairs Canada. And don’t worry about paying up front—Hydrathletics connects directly with Blue Cross to make billing easy.


If you need more information, or help understanding the process, contact our clinic and speak to our team. We’ll be with you every step of the way.


Why Aquatic Therapy?

Our aquatic therapy services provide an environment for controlled rehabilitation that occurs entirely under water. This means that patients enjoy the same results as land-based training in a low-impact setting that’s easy on the body.

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