Karlene Koehler

Certified Athletic Therapist

Massage Therapy Candidate


  • BAHSc (Athletic Therapy) – Sheridan College
  • Certified First Responder CPR-BLS
  • Soft Tissue Release Level 1
  • Lumbo-Pelvic Hip Complex Muscle Energy Technique
  • Cranial-Sacral Therapy Level 1 & 2
  • Mobilization of the Cranial Nerves
  • Level 2 Trained Provider of the Shift Concussion Management Program​
  • Shift Concussion Care – Complex Case Management with Cervical Treatment

Karlene graduated in April, 2018 with received her Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences in Athletic Therapy from Sheridan Institute of Technology & Advance Learning and received her Athletic Therapy certification in June, 2018.

Karlene places a great emphasis on using a global approach when assessing and treating acute/chronic injuries. Like many Athletic Therapists, she strives to “find the cause and treat the cause” of your injury. She incorporates a very hands on and active approach therapy to restore joint mobility, whole body strength and flexibility, and improving the quality of life to ensure you can return back to your everyday, working or active lifestyle pain free.

After acquiring her education in Athletic Therapy, Karlene further enhanced her education in the field of concussion rehabilitation. Over the years, Karlene worked to become a level 2 Shift Concussion Management Provider with additional training in Complex Case Management with Cervical Treatment Considerations.

To further enhance her knowledge and skills in concussion rehabilitation, Karlene attended the Southern Ontario College of Osteopathy to learn Cranio-Sacral Therapy. She then later used her new found skills to learn Cranial Nerve Mobilization where she is able to specifically stimulate and decrease restrictions of affected cranial nerves caused by concussions or other injuries/diseases.

Today, Karlene treats a wide variety of populations, including general public, motor vehicle accidents, military/VA and athletes with Acute/Chronic and complex case concussions.

Karlene recently graduated from the Advanced Standing Massage Therapy at Ontario College – Health & Technology. ​She is expected to challenge the Registered Massage Therapy this year.

Outside the clinic, Karlene has worked as a therapist for numerous sporting events providing injury assessments, athletic taping and emergency care:

  • High school sport team coverage (football, badminton, volleyball, hockey, soccer, basketball)
  • College varsity teams (woman’s softball and soccer)
  • World Cup Short Track Speed Skating

Karlene is a very active individual who has participated in a variety of sports and activities, including hockey, track and field, scuba diving, Kayaking, skiing/snowboarding, badminton, cross country, short track speed skating, fishing, hiking, horseback riding and swimming.

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