Who Can Benefit

Aquatic therapy is a greatly beneficial therapy method for patients and athletes that provides a low impact and low weight bearing environment. The low weight environment of our HydroWorx® pools is an especially effective aquatic therapy tool that provides significant benefits to patients and athletes.

  • Pre-surgery clients can strengthen the muscles around the site of their surgery beforehand, while post-surgery patients can strengthen the muscles around the site in a low-impact environment that’s gentler than traditional methods. So-called prehab and rehab are important for surgical success.
  • Clients dealing with joint and muscle injuries can benefit from being able to move slowly and gently, causing more blood to flow to the site and aid the healing process. This is good for new injuries that should not be forced to bear a large weight load as it would experience outside of the water and for old ones that need to be moved in a slow and controlled manner.
  • Pregnant women should remain active during pregnancy for the health of both themselves and their child. Aquatic therapy allows them to engage in physical activity that does not jostle their child or exacerbate the joint pains that many women experience during pregnancy.
  • Athletes can use aquatic therapy as a tool to improve joint flexibility and mobility, muscle strength and conditioning, and as a means of doing low-impact cardiovascular exercise. In addition, the low weight bearing environment of a HydroWorx® pool helps improve muscle and joint recovery between workouts.
  • Orthopaedic patients benefit from aquatic therapy as the low impact nature of aquatic therapy is useful for joint and muscle health without placing extensive weight on their body
  • Seniors and elderly people, especially those suffering from the loss of bone density, strength, or sense of balance, are able to move in ways that they may not be able to on land, allowing them to increase their strength and endurance.
  • Individuals dealing with chronic pain, especially due to issues like arthritis or tendinitis, can alleviate their pain by allowing their joints and tendons to completely rest in the pool.

Almost anybody can gain something from aquatic therapy, as most people experience pain or discomfort at some point. We encourage everybody to visit or call us to discuss how Hydrathletics can help you.

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