Why YOU Want to Work Here

When you accept a job, the employer hires you, but to some extent you hire the employer. So, at the risk of tooting our own horn, we want to tell you why you might just love to work here, with us!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Everyone who works for Hydrathletics has one thing in common: we’re totally passionate about all we do. Now, likely every employer says that, but we mean it! And you can see it, hear it, and feel it when you walk through our doors. 

Everyone we hire is passionate about all facets of our jobs: working with people, getting nerdy about the science, and of course, the actual hands-on aspects of our work. At Hydra, we’re an incubator for ideas and best practices. We’re always learning from each other as we strategize, ask questions, and talk about new innovations in our fields. We function as a team so that everyone is working side by side with professionals whose skills complement their own. Hydrathletics is a place where you can learn, grow, and stretch as part of a team of like-minded professionals. 

Home Sweet Home 

Our clinics feel a lot like home. We’ve created a professional, safe, and structured environment that still feels like a comfortable home. (We’re so proud of this part!) We’re creating a workplace that our staff want to come to work. We treat our work teams like our family. 

How? We deliberately build in opportunities and structures to facilitate felicitous family feels– everything from staff parties and outings to a big, bright staff room. And did we mention we have an office dog? We expect a lot from our staff but we also have a relaxed, fun attitude that helps us build trust with each other and leads to healthy collaboration, learning, and growth. (Of course, we also bring that same attitude of care to our clients so they get to know us and trust us as people who care about their well being.)

Aquatic Therapy Royalty 

We’re pretty proud of the fact that we are one of the leading aquatic therapy clinics in Ontario. Aquatic therapy is growing in popularity because it’s an effective innovation in physiotherapy and our staff are along for the ride. We train our staff in the newest modalities and evidenced based therapies using our HydroWorx(R) pools and they get to see how aquatic therapy integrates with the other services we offer. 

And that’s the bottom line for us: we heal and we help our clients. That’s our commitment. We are thrilled to work with great clients who are themselves committed to getting better. We can help our clients heal and improve faster with the help of our integrated approach to services and our innovative facilities. A client can do table work, pool work and have a massage in addition to the exercises they do at home. We are particularly proud to serve those who’ve served us: we have a focus on working with veterans in our clinics, helping them as they find healing.

If these values resonate with you and you’d like to be part of a work culture where you can go home at the end of the day knowing you’ve been part of important work in collaboration with a team of people with the same professionalism and attitude, we’d love you to start a conversation with us, and we hope you’ll consider joining us.

Experience you can trust.

Aquatic therapy is emerging as the choice treatment for people with varying injuries and health issues. The Hydrathletics multi-disciplinary methodology ensures that clients are receiving therapy that accelerates recovery. Hydrathletics customizes aquatic, massage and land-based therapy to clients’ particular needs. The specifically designed programs have produced impressive health-benefiting results.