Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is emerging as the choice treatment for people with varying injuries and health issues. The Hydrathletics multi-disciplinary methodology ensures that clients are receiving therapy that accelerates recovery. Hydrathletics customizes aquatic, massage and land-based therapy to clients’ particular needs. The specifically designed programs have produced impressive health-benefiting results.

Hydrathletics provides caring professional assistance and utilizes highly-effective equipment like the HydroWorx® pools to help clients regain and maintain mobility, strength and function. Therapeutic aquatic exercise in the tailored weightless pool equates to decreased impact on injuries. HydroWorx® pools bring the crucial element of versatility to aquatic therapy because its distinct features allow for specific adjustments in exercise routines to be made to address each client’s individual need. Each personalized adjustment to their workout regime brings clients that much closer to achieving their optimal outcome.

HydroWorx® Pool Features:

  • Underwater treadmill
  • Resistance jets
  • Underwater cameras
  • Massage hose
  • Warm water temperatures

Benefits of HydroWorx® Pool Features:

  • Underwater exercise can increase flexibility and range of motion, provide better sleep, and can reduce joint or muscle pain
  • Resistance jets allow therapists to calibrate resistance to suit the needs of the client, encouraging recovery by customization
  • Underwater cameras bring personalized therapy to a higher level by allowing observations, diagnosis and modifications to the gait or stride of the client
  • Massage hoses assists in the reduction of muscle and joint specific soreness
  • By maintaining warmer water temperatures (92 degrees Fahrenheit), the muscles of the body can relax, providing both therapeutic and rehabilitative benefits

Pain reduction is pivotal for clients who suffer daily. Hydrathletics strives to help clients their health goals and improve their quality of life through innovative therapy.

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